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Asbestos Management Surveys

Standard Sampling, Identification & Assessment (Non-Destructive)

This type of asbestos survey is typically carried out to comply with CAWR, prior to planned building or minor refurbishment works, or the purchase or sale of a building.

Asbestos Register

A thorough inspection of the building is carried out including ducts, risers, floor/ceiling voids and lift shafts etc. A representative collection of samples is taken for analysis by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory. The results form an Asbestos Register and highlight a recommended course of action.

If there are any refurbishment or demolition works planned in the future for the building you will have to consider commissioning an asbestos refurbishment/demolition survey.

To discuss your project ring 0117 951 9567 or enquire online. Written tenders should be addressed to Mike Shorland, Contracts Manager.

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