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How to determine if products contain asbestos

The only way to confirm if something contains asbestos is to have it tested, and you must always presume it does until proved otherwise. Oasis offer analysis of individual asbestos materials and provide an analysts report identifying the type of asbestos. Telephone Oasis on 0117 951 9567 or email us.

Under legislation, any building to undergo major refurbishment (falling under the CDM regulations), or complete demolition is required to have an asbestos survey to identify asbestos materials. Due to the potential cost of removing and disposing of asbestos, surveys are also carried out prior to the purchase or sale of buildings.

Oasis are qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors. For a competitive survey quotation call Oasis on 0117 951 9567 or enquire online. Written tenders should be addressed to Mike Shorland, Contracts Manager.


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